Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Teaching at AnimSchool!

my first Drawing Class

Today, I had my first Drawing class at AnimSchool. 
I am so happy and pretty excited about this opportunity, David Gallagher gave me! I'm glad I can help people to draw and and make them believe in themselves. Because it's not important when and where you start to draw - it's important what you do TODAY, to reach your goal tommorow...
 It's amazing how people and their presence can motivate you to do your best!  I'm sure I will learn a lot from them too, because as I saw - they are really talented! Amazing people

Thank you all for coming!

My classes are each  Tuesday  at 8pm in Italy (which would be 11am Pacific time, 2pm Eastern time)

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  1. Hi, are your drawing lessons still going on? I couldn't find anything on animschool website. Are they open to beginners as well? Thanks! Lov your work!! :D

    1. Thank you very much Ely! My classes are each Tuesday at 11am Pacific time/ 2pm Eastern time. If you log in, you will find my last drawing classes. I'm looking foward to seeing you next week! ;)

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