Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Love this stop-motion short:

Luminaris from Juan Pablo Zaramella on Vimeo.

In this month we had an amazing meetings with Victor Navone and Sandro Cleuzo! They are really great artists! You should saw their works...really breathtaking. I linked their blogs. Take a look!
We also saw Sandro Cleuzo's exhibition in Florence, Thank you Sandro!!

First Post

Here we go!
I finally decided to use blogspot and share my works, inspirations and news about art and animation.
 I'm studying Animation Film at Nemo - Academy of Digital Arts .
Why my blog is called Wanderer Bomba?
Bomba - don't worry it's only my real last name.  Wanderer- because of my travels I've done - to reach my goals and dreams. I'm still working to reach them. That's why  I often move, looking for opportunities to learn more. Like a wanderer. I hope, this blog will be another great adventure in my life ! 

 I would really appreciate your crit, feel free to write your thoughts
 Hope you enjoy!

Wanderer Bomba.

btw Can't wait to see it!
The Lion King 3D - Bloopers OuttakesThe movie of my childhood...and my first love.